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The Fisher & Welch Advantage

Fisher & Welch is known throughout Texas for our lawyers' skilled, tenacious advocacy in business and probate litigation. Our law firm is unique in a number of ways.

We Devote Our Practice to Litigation

If you are engaged in a complex dispute with millions of dollars at stake, you cannot afford to have a lawyer who dabbles in litigation. You need a lawyer, and a law firm, with the experience, knowledge and skill to identify the issues, gather the evidence and work toward a favorable resolution. You need a lawyer, and a law firm, with a comprehensive understanding of the procedural rules that can impact the way in which your case is resolved. Our focus is representing clients in complex business and probate litigation. Although every case turns on unique facts, we begin each with extensive knowledge of the legal and procedural issues.

We Do Not Accept a High Volume of Cases

Our attorneys have found that the only way to give clients the legal representation and client service they need is to limit our caseload. We do not delegate parts of your case to inexperienced attorneys. Instead the well-experienced lawyers of our firm handle every part of your case from beginning to end. Because we intentionally limit the number of cases we take, we are able to provide our clients with responsive, attentive service.

Unlike many business litigation firms, we offer flexible fee arrangements. Specifically, we represent many of our clients for contingent fees. We have found this approach offers a number of advantages to our clients. In a contingent fee arrangement, the clients do not have to concern themselves with the number of hours we work on a case. We can simply do as much as necessary to achieve the desired result. Second, as a case progresses, our lawyers have nearly as much at stake as our clients. In this way, our client's interests and our interests are perfectly aligned.

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